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Quality new home construction in Niagara  

We built this St. Catharines home in 2009.




We build Energy Efficient Homes

Traditional framing methods or Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) shown below

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Winners of 1st and 2nd prizes in the Turkstra Lumber Deck Building Contests

Comments from Customers

"I've seen a lot of construction in my lifetime and know that what you built for us was professionally done an done right." Robert Harris

"I look for someone I can trust, someone who will do the job right, someone who will give me a fair price, and someone who delivers on time.  After searching and trying different builders, I finally found someone who actually lives this out.  Aaron Hahn has done several renovations and upgrades to my house.   Thanks Aaron! The place looks great!" Drew Toth

Hi, I'm Aaron Hahn.  Welcome.  I've always loved building things ever since I was little.  After receiving a business diploma from Niagara College, I worked for several contractors learning the business from the ground up.  Now, my team and I enjoy doing a great job for our customers building and renovating homes.

We Save You Money   

We save our customers money because we use state-of-the-art tools which save us time. We don't have fancy offices or expensive retail space to pay for and we buy our windows, doors and flooring wholesale. This means we can pass significant savings on to you. For example, our typical new window installation rate is only $150 per window, see Windows & Doors page.

We Work With Your Ideas   

We listen to you.  We work with your ideas and consult with you to help you realize your vision. 

Our Integrity Commitment  

We arrive on schedule. We maintain a safe and tidy jobsite.  We don't cut corners and we finish the job to your satisfaction.

Innovation - We Are Leaders  

Check out our Energy Efficient Homes Page.  Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) create a more energy-efficient building compared to the traditional framing methods.  Hahn Builders is one of very few contractors in Niagara trained and qualified in SIPs construction. We can also use LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) for better foundations. 


Most renovations have a demolition phase before new construction can begin.  We disassemble the old and seamlessly integrate it with the new.  We do it right and according to code.  

Read how we saved a house from collapsing after the homeowner made a big do-it-yourself construction mistake,  click here.


If you are truly committed to leaving a lighter environmental footprint on this planet, SIPs and ICFs are the way to go for new home construction.  Click on our Energy Efficient Homes page to learn more.

We do Exterior Renovations

Siding, fascia, capping, eaves troughs, the works

We handle Interior Renovations

Framing, basements, attics, drywall, insulation, complete remodeling


We install Windows & Doors

Featuring quality energy efficient Vinylbilt and KAYKAN windows & doors

We manufacture Concrete Countertops

Beautiful concrete countertops - you have to see it to believe it

We build Custom Cabinets

and other neat stuff


You kept a tidy construction site, started the project on time as promised and finished on time.... We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering your construction services.

Robert Harris

When he was a boy he didn't always clean up his room, but our efforts eventually paid off.  Now his job sites are tidy.

Aaron's mom with tongue firmly in cheek


Aaron Hahn has done several renovations and upgrades to my house. Thanks Aaron! The place looks great! If you have any new customers who need verification of your work, tell them to give me a call. (905) 380-3054.

Drew Toth


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